From Mexico City to the Yucatan Peninsula, regional flavours and techniques are united in the dishes at Méjico, creating some of the finest modern, market-to-table Mexican food in Australia. 

What exactly does market-to-table mean? It’s the grounding philosophy that inspires the food we make. We create dishes from the inside out by sourcing the freshest ingredients directly from our producers. Whether it’s our table-side made guacamole, our tacos, or our mouth-watering Mexican margaritas and tequilas, our menu is dependent upon the seasonal availability of produce, and thus the cuisine at Méjico reflects the immediate world around us.

Our mission is to celebrate unique flavours and hospitality, making experiences, bringing fresh market produce to every dish we serve and creating a delightful ambiance which stimulates all 5 senses. We will be remarkable in everything we do.

Dr Sam Prince is a humanitarian, philanthropist, entrepreneur and a medical doctor. His success in both business and aid work derives from a rare ability to clearly visualise gaps and practical solutions to seemingly vast problems, and to drive these through implementation by force of willpower and by inspiring others to believe in his vision. 

Sam’s story is fuelled by his mother’s, one of the most important influences in his life. She was born and raised in a remote village in Sri Lanka. She was an academically gifted child but her family could not afford to give her the type of education they envisioned. She walked with no shoes to a school where the roof was made of coconut leaves and worked in a paddy eld by day and studied by kerosene lamps at night. Her determination helped to top her class in A-level exams and she received a scholarship to study Economics at University. She was awarded another scholarship to complete her Masters and PhD in the United Kingdom. Her ambition, drive and humble beginning gave Sam the reinforcement and courage to dive into the unknown. 

Karen is Méjico’s COO; a 15 year hospo-veteran, Karen moved down under from London over 10 years ago. Now firmly entrenched in Newtown with no intention of returning to the UK, she is able to combine her love of food and live music, sometimes even at the same time! 

Karen's background is mainly Italian cuisine, but Méjico is slowly teaching her to love tacos instead of pasta and Tequila instead of Grappa. 

Favourite Dish at Mejico: sticky lamb ribs, no contest, oh wait maybe the pork tacos....

Richard is TSPHG's Food & Beverage Operations Manager. Touching on 20 years in the industry, Richard has spent time gaining experience covering all aspects of the hospitality industry. A passion for food, drink & making people smile, Richard guides, develops & nurtures his teams, teaching the art of hospitality & developing menus alongside our team of chefs to create dishes that set our restaurants apart from the rest.

Favourite dish at Mejico: Jalapeño poppers. Once you’ve popped, you cant stop!

South coast boy kicking it in the big smoke. Chris has over a decade of hospitality experience both locally and abroad. Chris is currently our Operations Coordinator after beginning with Méjico as Assistant Restaurant Manager back in 2013. Chris secretly wishes he could be Batman but you’d never get him to admit it.

Favourite Dish: Jalapeño Poppers!

Chris is Méjico’s Restaurant Manager. A Northern English Gent, with a lifelong passion for everything that is hospitality. Cocktails, authentic cuisine, tequila, service, beers & laughter. Chris prides himself on giving the best experience to staff and most importantly the customers. Chris has over 9 years in the industry in different corners of the world working with many different cuisines, however he’s now firmly planted on Australian soil, looking to push Village hospitality to the next level.

Favorite dish at Mejico: Jalapeño Poppers.

Justin started at Méjico Pitt St. back in November 2014 and has been a valued team-member of the TSPHG family ever since. Now, Justin is taking on the role as Restaurant Manager for Méjico Miranda and is excited to deliver impeccable service, serve great food and bring smiles to the people of The Shire.

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